Universal Monsters Collector Glasses

These have to be the best set of collector glasses ever produced. I would love to have them.

Produced by Anchor Hocking around 1963, it is believed there were given away as promotional items at gas stations at the time.

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14 thoughts on “Universal Monsters Collector Glasses

  1. Yeah D13, there had to have been a Dracula glass in the original set right? I mean, not that he holds a candle to the Wolfman!!! Great find SMDJ! and I second everything you said…I live about 25 minutes from Anchor Hocking. (true story) I think I’ll stop by this afternoon and have them run me a set through real fast (it works like that, doesn’t it?)

  2. Wow…that is a great find, Six Million Dollar Jedi! It is weird that they didn’t produce a Dracula glass, but they included the Creature so I can forgive them. ;)

    Claymation Werewolf! I need to borrow your time machine again!

  3. You know the rules Vic! fill up the flux capacitor with trash when you bring it back and it’s all yours….just try not to step on any butterflies this time please. Anchor Hocking should really REFLECT on why they left Drac out. It seems like a GRAVE miSTAKE…I hope if the line RISES AGAIN…they will be sure to INVITE HIM IN to the group

  4. dijital101 says:

    there are a mummy and a wolfman of the popular auction site just search for universal monster glass, though i don’t think you’ll like the prices.

  5. This is on my list. I plan on reproducing these and using them in the Monster Cafe Saltillo. I would just need a better pic of all sides of the glass.

  6. Cathy says:

    I have 3 complete sets of the glasses. Found 10 mummy glasses in my Mom’s attic and started collecting the rest. All are in PERFECT, MINT condition. Great fun and very collectible.

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