Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Map/Brochue 2007

A big thanks to friend of the Retroist, Patrick J. Doody, for this awesome scan of the HHNH 2007 Map/Brochue! Which you can plainly see included some Icons of Horror that should be very familiar to any horror movie fan.

Make sure to click the photos so that you can see the larger sized images over on Photobucket. I love the Scarezones and Houses for that year:

Friday The 13th: Camp Blood – After a half century of murder and mayhem, the eternal evil of Jason Voorhees still haunts the ruined remains of Camp Crystal Lake.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Back In Business – Leatherface and his family of cannibal crazies have taken over the condemned Blair Meats Factory, bringing a new level of terror to the heart of Texas.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy’s Nightmare – Freddy Krueger is coming home to where he was conceived (The Westin Hills Asylum) to raise a nightmare army of the insane as a final act of revenge against the town of Springwood.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando also included Leatherface, Jason, and Freddy but they enlisted that nefarious Clown of Evil, Jack Schmidt or as he is more commonly known Jack the Clown to be the Ringmaster for the Carnival of Carnage. I don’t suffer from Coulrophobia but I have to say that Jack certainly gives me the creeps. Check out this awesome HHN Orlando commercial they did…probably one of the greatest besides the Usher in my humble opinion.


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3 thoughts on “Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Map/Brochue 2007

  1. Jake Ryan says:

    I was just wondering if someone has an extra 2007 Hollywood Map? PLEASE I have been looking for one for a loooonngg time!

  2. Jake Ryan says:

    Oh ok ill just do that. if theres any extra HHN stuff from past events just let me know! I’ll even pay for one lol

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