Cap’n Crunch Costume

As part of our moving process, over the past two weeks I’ve had to make several tough decisions on whether I was going to keep, or part with, certain items. Partly because it doesn’t fit and partly because Halloween is right around the corner, this is one of the things I decided to part with: my Cap’n Crunch costume.


I ran across this item several years ago at a garage sale. The costume came in a trunk, and inside the trunk was a hand receipt from the company that made it. I contacted the company years ago and, after working my way through a few people, discovered that it was one of about 20 Cap’n Crunch costumes made for General Mills. Unfortunately the company didn’t have any more information for me than that.

Inside the costume there’s a battery pack belt, which I assume originally powered fans to keep the wearer cool. The costume is very heavy duty and I can see how someone wearing it, especially outside, might overheat quickly.

Unfortunately for me, the costume doesn’t fit. At 6′ tall, I had the twist my head just to get inside the thing. I’m guessing it was made for someone just a few inches shorter than myself. It was probably also made for someone who hasn’t enjoyed as many bowls of delicious Cap’n Crunch cereal over the years …

I’ve never had the costume on display, so for almost a decade the poor captain has been folded up in trunk in my garage. Hopefully the Cap’n’s new owner will put him to use and have him sailing the crunchy seas again.

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5 thoughts on “Cap’n Crunch Costume

  1. Flack…that is just awesome! Sorry to see it go, but like you said, perhaps the new owner will put it to good use….or at the very least keep us safe from the likes of the Sogmaster!

  2. james says:

    hey, I am very interested in your costume. its my senior year and our homecoming float is on capn crunch and this would be very good for our float

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