Halloween Masks Courtesy of your Breakfast Cereal

Can’t afford one of the swell vintage masks featured in yesterday’s costume post – especially not at eBay prices – perhaps you can scrounge up enough coin for a specially marked box of cereal.

Breakfast cereal companies have long incentivized consumers to purchase their products with prizes, such as a promotional toy inside the box or a fun goodie printed on the outside of the box itself. One such goodie is the decorative mask, assembly sometimes required.

As Kellogg’s tells us in their ads, enjoying holiday masks is easy, just cut ’em out–and put ’em on–for super Halloween fun! They’re colorful, comic, life-size–swell for parties, Beggars’ Night, or Trick-or-Treat. Ask Mom to get you several mask packages right away! Maybe one of these fabulous examples.

Neato Coolville provides this image offering a glimpse at a wide variety of cereal masks from Kellogg’s.

Grickly, gregg_koenig, and JasonLiebig offers these classic examples.


Don’t look at the dogs, work the lock! You looked at the dogs!

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Masks Courtesy of your Breakfast Cereal

  1. I can recall wearing those Star Wars cutouts around the house until they basically rotted off my face and could not be held on anymore.

    Clowns = nightmares.

  2. Clowns might be your worst nightmare, Retroist, but what haunts my dreams is the thought of cereal mask paper cuts. If you read the directions on the “Be a Tiger” image, you’ll see the instruction “Press entire mask to your face securing firmly over your nose.” No string required, the mask sticks naturally to your thick, bleeding cardboard paper cuts.

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