The Projectionist’s Haunted-Drive In Presents: The Most Dangerous Game

Salutations and welcome to the first Haunted Drive-In television program (I’ve told him a hundred times that this is a web based “TV series” – Carl), using stock film kept in the basement of the former Starlight Starbright Family Fun Drive-In, leftovers from my earlier cinematic endeavors. Heh.

Whisked away from the townsfolk’s flames and stupidity to safety by myself at no small amount of personal loss. Thanks to the projection booth collapsing during the fire, by luck or maybe it was the guiding hand of fate…most of the hundreds of films cans were protected from the worst of the heat. Allowing myself the necessary time to securely hide them (Odd that a film distributor’s warehouse in our town was broken into and hundreds of movies reported stolen at the same time! – Carl) and myself from prying eyes.

Now it is time for the Haunted Drive-In to spread her wings like the phoenix! I hope you are comfortable and have a giant bag of popcorn and some piping hot coffee in your hands as the feature is beamed across the airwaves to the television sets (Whatever. Let him have his dreams. – Carl) in your living room.

I will let Carl do what he must with his computers to make sure you are getting our signal. It is with great pride and no small amount of satisfaction that I present to you from the Haunted Drive-In, the famous RKO’s movie studio production of The Most Dangerous Game.

The Projectionist

Lurking in the bowels of the Retroist Vault, the Projectionist comforts himself with the dreams of celluloid glory of days gone by. With his assistant, Daniel XIII, in the quiet time of the night he serves as host in what has been dubbed the Haunted Drive-In. Bringing films to the entertainment starved masses the Haunted Drive-In projector roars to life and shines brightly once again...

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6 thoughts on “The Projectionist’s Haunted-Drive In Presents: The Most Dangerous Game

  1. Mr Projectionist! I must say I quite enjoyed your cinematic debut! Great choice for the first film (though as one minor correction i have to point out that running for your life from the hands of an insane hunter bent on your death is in fact the THIRD most dangerous game behind Wookie chess and Monopoly with my mother in-law…Oy Vey!) If you are willing to take requests I would love to have much more projectionist! Im sure your movie choices will always be the very height of film…but I wouldnt want to be lost out there for too long without your special brand of information! More Projectionist! More Projectionist! More Projectionist! More!…*looks around to see if anyone is chanting with me. Can’t wait to enjoy more of your haunted hospitality

  2. I am pleased that you enjoyed the first offering from the Haunted Drive-In, I will endeavor to bring more entertainment to your television as soon as possible. Perhaps you have stumbled on what we should include in the next episode, Clay. Maybe a viewer mail segment so that I might answer questions you may have concerning myself and the Drive-In?

    I do not know the answer to your question, Ryan. I apologize.

  3. From Wikipedia:

    The 1932 film was referenced in the plot of the 2007 David Fincher movie Zodiac. Jake Gyllenhaal’s character recognizes quotes from the film in letters from the Zodiac Killer sent to the newspaper office where he works.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    What a great movie to kick things off, Projectionist.
    An influential piece if cinema, for sure (and reprised in more than a few TV shows).
    A great companion piece to the original King Kong, for several reasons.

    If you’re up to answering questions from viewers, I’m curious to know what’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

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