USB NES Controller for Classic Gaming

I picked up a USB NES Controller last month in order to enjoy some homebrew NES type titles with the proper controller. The weight feels about right and the control really took me back to the hours I spent blasting and jumping on the NES. I have not tried it on more modern games for my PC, but I imagine if you can control a any game via USB you can use this controller on it. Hmm, I wonder if it would work on my Xbox 360? Time to check that out…

It is a nice addition to my collection and sits proudly next to my USB Atari Controller. If your a PC gamer, why not check one out.


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3 thoughts on “USB NES Controller for Classic Gaming

  1. Duke of Crydee says:

    That’s pretty cool! I bought something similar. There’s a guy online that takes vintage joysticks, cleans them up and then upgrades them to work via USB. I have an NES and SNES that are great controls for emulators.

  2. Duke of Crydee, you must be talking about I mentioned the same thing when I posted the link to this page on Google+. Like I said there, it’s probably hard to beat having the real original retro controller of your choosing, but I like that this alternative is so much cheaper and uses brand new materials. As durable as old Nintendo hardware is, 25 years might be pushing it.

    I think if I were going to go the retrousb route, I’d probably buy one of the “retro port” adapters so that I’m not using a controller that’s been dismantled and altered.

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