Dreams of a Retro Love Boat

I love The Love Boat. Loved it as a kid and when I can watch it now, I still get a kick out of it. When I see the new retro TV shows coming out like The Playboy Club and Pan Am, I not so secretly hope that it will kick of a retro renaissance, a retrossance if you will, that will inspire the TV powers to bring back the Love Boat, setting it properly in the 1970s where it belongs.

A fan can dream.

Until the retrossance is in full effect, you can get your fix of the Love Boat on DVD or catch episodes of it online on sites like Hulu or in snippets on YouTube.


Garry Vander Voort

Editor/Podcaster at Retroist
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One thought on “Dreams of a Retro Love Boat

  1. I LOVE the Love Boat. I thought it’d be awesome if Princess decked out one of their ships all in 70’s decor and had the staff dressed up all 70’s like.
    Anyway, CBS only released season one and two a few years ago and then stopped there.
    If anyone knows how to watch episodes after season 2 pretty please let me know!

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