Who’s the Hotter “Happy Days” Tuscadero: Pinky or Leather?

“Happy Days?” Maybe not for Mr. Tuscadero. The father of Pinky and Leather must have had it rough; scaring off suitors for both his crazy-named (ready-for-the-stage) daughters. Not to mention, their literally race-y and rock-n-roll lifestyles. With that, I pose to you this question:

Which “Happy Days” Tuscadero was hotter?

  • Pinky?: The short shorts, the crop-top, the red hair, motorcycle-riding, demolition derby-driving and the pink.
  • Roz Kelly as Pinky Tuscadero on "Happy Days"

  • Leather?: The skin-tight jumpsuits, the straight mop-top, the younger, rock-n-rolling, juvenile delinquency and the leather.
  • Suzi Quatro as Leather Tuscadero on "Happy Days"

    Roz Kelly played Pinky and Suzi Quatro played Leather.

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    14 thoughts on “Who’s the Hotter “Happy Days” Tuscadero: Pinky or Leather?

    1. earblast says:

      Leather. Had more of a Joan Jett vibe. I had no idea she was a real singer until I was in high school in the 80s. I recall her showing up in my german book in some sort of music chart listing. Susie Quattro.

    2. Atari Adventure Square says:

      Leather Tuscadero could melt my Marshall stack!
      I developped a big crush on Suzi Quatro watching Happy Days.
      She had a rock n’ roll heart, ready for adventure.

      Pinky was more of a girly-girl (that pic lays the odds in her favor) but felt more high-maintenance.

      For a while, though, I confused Joan Jett with Suzi Quatro.
      But they both loved rock n’ roll, so it was an easy mistake.

    3. I agree with Doug – why choose just one. Sorry Atari, I was hard-pressed for finding a good shot of Leather that was FROM the show. (Def. some nice shots of her in leather as a recording artist, didn’t want to stack the odds either way.)

    4. Carole says:

      Pinky by a mile!! I think this needs to be a question on Facebook. Let the world decide. But the bigger question is, Who remembers the ladies signature hand gestures?????

    5. Q says:

      If I wanted to date a girl who acted and dressed like a guy (and sorta looked like one too) I’d just date a guy. No offense to Suzi, because she’s talented and cool, but the “rebellious” tomboy will ever, ever beat the girly girl. Ever. It’s not the way of nature.

    6. sharon says:

      As a hetero female (and natural redhead), when I was growing up watching Happy Days, I first aspired to be like Pinky. Then, when my love for rock grew, I wanted to be like Leather.

      Now after rewatching the old episodes, I go back to my first female idol and that was Pinky. Wild, red-haired, tough and sexy-hot. Plus, she had her own custom pink Harley!

    7. Running Bear says:

      Well, as a kid I totally dug Leather – but now, looking back, even though she’s younger & hotter, she looks like a lezbo. Pinky looks like a milf.

    8. I was a 6th Grader when Pinky came onto the scene, and suddenly every girl on the playground no longer wanted to be a Charlie’s Angel – no, they wanted to be Pinky!! I remember feeling very resentful of Leather cuz I felt she was “moving in” on the Fonz and in my silly, youthful mind,?he belonged to Pinky!! So yeah, I’m a Pinky kinda gal to this day!! ????

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