Get Ready for the Retroist Arcade Meetup at the 1984 Arcade!

If you have been hanging around the Forums, you may have been following the planning for an informal meetup of Retroist fans at the 1984 Arcade in Springfield, Missouri. Details are still coming together, but the meetup will be on November 9th and is open to everyone and anyone who likes to play classic games in a retro setting and enjoys the Retroist.

For more info check out the forum post, comment here on the site and if you want to help out in the planning…email us.


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9 thoughts on “Get Ready for the Retroist Arcade Meetup at the 1984 Arcade!

  1. indieseoul says:

    I just re-posted this on the retro gaming roundup site and submitted it as news. What sucks for me is that this arcade is about two hours from my home town. If I weren’t living in Asia I would be there in a heart beat. Sometimes it sucks living overseas. I hope you have a big turnout guys. So sad to miss two things I love at once. The retroist and retro gaming. :(

  2. I hate you lot… Just wanted to point that out.

    I am not jelous at all about you lot going to this meetup. And the fact I am in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COUNTRY to you guys.


  3. If I had any vacation days to spare, I’d make the trip for sure. I spent them all on comic book conventions and G-Fest (Godzilla Fest). Have a great time, y’all!

  4. I hope you guys have a great time! Unfourtunately I will be at the secret “other” Retroist meetup with CritAnime, Mr. Hansen and a few others who’s names I have been asked to withhold. I bet the 1984 Arcade is a Blast though!

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