amazon, circa 1994

If your browser does not support images…

I’m a Web developer by day, and I’m old enough to remember when I saw my very first “World Wide Web” pages back in high school. So it makes me doubly-nostalgic to see images like these.

amazon, circa 1994

Microsoft, circa 1994

I still recall the summer after my senior year in high school, when a friend told me about this bookstore called Amazon, that had every title you could imagine. I had been looking for an out-of-print Robotech art book, and thought I might try it. I had to email them a description of the book in order to find it. The site that I placed the order on looked very much like the one above. I can only imagine how insecure the whole process was…

What’s the first Web page you saw? Are you an O.G. like me, from the days when image support was not taken for granted?

How about a de-make of the Retroist, ’95 style, complete with some blink tags?

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4 thoughts on “If your browser does not support images…

  1. The first time I logged on to the Internet was 1994, but I didn’t discover the WWW until the spring of 1995. In 1994 I spent most of my time visiting public FTP sites, reading usenet, and using Gopher (remember that?). I even had a big book called “Internet Roadside Stops” or something like that which consisted of hundreds of pages of FTP sites and such.

    I remember talking to a friend in the spring of ’95 and he was talking about some web page that had a flashing lightsaber and played a MIDI version of the Star Wars theme and I was like, “what the hell are you talking about?” I went over to his house and was blown away by a website that looked much worse and was much less advanced than the two examples you posted.

    The next day I downloaded a copy of Trumpet WinSock and Netscape and things were never the same …

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