The Haunted Drive-In?

Before I get to my first Unboxing video, let me tell you why I’m doing this video in the first place. This afternoon I received a knock on my porch door from the mailman, when I picked up the package he had left I was a little perplexed. The box had clearly been burned or I should say it looked to have been scorched more than a bit. On the outside of the box it was labeled as coming from Haddofield, IL and from someone called “Carl”.

As I stated in the video, I was pretty excited at first because I thought this might be a goodie from our friends over at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando but as soon as I opened the box up…those hopes were dashed. But getting a box full of VERY foul smelling popcorn and some film (It was part of the trailer to the 1970’s King Kong!) is kind of exciting…though I really hope that film wasn’t original.

Here is a picture that I found for the “Starlight Starbright Family Drive-In” burning down. The only other bit of information I was able to dig up was that one of the employee’s of the place sadly died in the fire. It’s kind of weird because there just isn’t that much information about the place at all.

Here is that video the handwritten note directed me to:

I’ll update with information as I get it. I’d like to point out again…that popcorn just reeked!


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11 thoughts on “The Haunted Drive-In?

  1. Rick says:

    Its odd that box made it through the post office. It definitely fits the description of suspecious package that a terrorist might send.

  2. I have actually been getting submissions about Drive-Ins and old Movie Theaters from a guy who wants to write for the site (I think) for the last couple of days. I have emailed him back to get him involved, but have not gotten a response, yet.

  3. Thank you Vic! Someone sent me an envelope addressed to Claymation Werewolf at my home address. Its been driving me absolutely nuts. The only thing in it was a flyer for the Starlight Starbright Drive-in. When I say it was the only thing in it I mean it THE ONLY THING. I haven’t made it a secret that I love old drive-ins so I thought it might have been from a “fan” but there wasn’t so much as a post-it note explaining why I got it or who it was from. Luckily my package didn’t smell, other than smelling like musty paper because of it’s age. It seems original and its definitely going in my collection. I will for sure be watching these videos when I get off work! It really is exciting. And thanks again for filling in a bigger piece of the puzzle Mr Sage!

  4. @Rick Quite right, friend! But when the mailman drove off I figured it was all okay…which it was except for the smell. That stuff got into my nose…uggh.

    @Retroist So this “Carl” person wants to write for the site? I’ll admit that he really, really wants to make an impression. Ha, ha.

    @ClaymationWerewolf Hm. It does make the day a bit more exciting does it not? I think we are getting the inkling of what it must be like to be part of the Scooby-Doo universe!

  5. patrick j doody says:

    Wow. That is very weird. Haddonfield, Illinois is also the fictional home of Michael Meyers.


  6. @Vic I will forward some of these submissions to you. They have been pretty good so far, but I have not been able to get him to respond to me via email. I will keep trying.

  7. @The Retroist Thank you, I’d like to get a look at ’em at the very least. If you send me the contact info I’ll at least try as well.

  8. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Unsettling unboxing.
    I look forward to learning more about this Haunted Drive-in.

    In the meantime, if you’re not gonna eat that popcorn, Vic, send it my way.

    Popcorn and hauntings.
    Like peanut butter and chocolate. But the scary sort of chocolate.

  9. @AtariAdventureSquare I don’t think you would want to eat that popcorn, friend. Ha, ha. Not only did it smell but it had an oily texture…I’m sure in the 90 degree heat and not including the heat of the vehicle that it had ceased being popcorn. I guess it should go without saying that besides the film I didn’t save any of it.

    @patrick j doody Wait a minute…are you saying Michael Meyers sent this to me?

  10. Ok thats pretty weired, I’m not sure I would go to a haunted drive in. Also seeing as the box has strange burn marks on it and considering the history of the Starlight Starbright Family Drive-In perhaps it was just plain ole corn in the box originally?

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