M Network Games and the M Notwork Rumor

As a VCS owner who yearned for an Intellivision’s superior graphics, I was excited to see the M Network line of games arrive. This advertisement is scanned from the January 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine. Somehow, this ad always reminded me of the Maxell tape commercial where the guy is blown back in his chair. Anyway, what’s easy to forget these days, is that there was once a certain amount of risk purchasing a 3rd party game. Would it work or not? Hard to imagine such a scenario now. But, check out a question from the Game Doctor column from the exact same issue of Electronic Games magazine. Apparently early M Network and Coleco cartridges for the VCS wouldn’t fit in the slots of older Ataris. I wonder if my local video store that sold the cartridges would accept returns on open merchandise in those days?


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One thought on “M Network Games and the M Notwork Rumor

  1. datedgamer says:

    i am one of the people responsible for the current open box software rules. During the master system/NES days my friends and I would always use new purchases as an “extended rental” for the week then return for full store credit to purchase something else. Sorry :/

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