Epyx Presents Hot Wheels for the Commodore 64


I am not sure where I picked up my copy of Hot Wheels. I might have traded for it from a friend who was not a fan for a couple of blank discs. He didn’t like Hot Wheels because it wasn’t a straight up game, instead it was more of an open ended sandbox that let you just “play”. A concept that is always risky and was especially so in the early days of computer gaming. I probably spent about 30+ hours just playing around on Hot Wheels, building cars, driving them around and taking them to the car wash. The game had some racing challenges, but they were not implemented in a compelling way and the real fun was in the simulation of playing with Hot Wheels the way you play with Hot Wheels in the real world.

I am not sure why Hot Wheels does not revive this concept nowadays on say a system like the Wii. They could do something like Animal Crossing but with cars.

5 Responses to Epyx Presents Hot Wheels for the Commodore 64

  1. JF says:

    I loved Hot Wheel! I too logged Many hours painting, driving. Love to see this revived! maybe I’ll email Mattel….

    Thanks so much for reviving the memory!

  2. Retro Justin says:

    What’s now to like? It’s basically a virtual world. Awesome!

  3. Retro Justin says:

    Retroist, you gotta add an edit option for my typos… NOT…. not “now”.

  4. robohara says:

    I remember this game well. I had a diskette with Hot Wheels on the front and Barbie on the back. Good times.

  5. Dave Hills says:

    Got the new Commodore computer for Christmas and loaded this game on it and love it. Kids grew up playing this, talk about retro. Works great on the new commodore.

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