Empire of the Ants

The phrase “I for one welcome our new _______ overlords” has been sourced to the 1977 movie “Empire of the Ants”. At the beginning of the movie, a boat is shown dropping radioactive barrels of waste into the ocean. Soon after, small ants are shown chomping down on the silvery goo from a washed ashore barrel.

Huge ants begin to terrorize a small group of people on a small island and their only hope of escape is a small boat that is destroyed 10 minutes after the first large ants appear.

A NY times film review had this to say: “This film is rated PG probably for its occasional bloody scenes and its ant attacks, but these simulated terrors are not likely to shock viewers past the age of, say, 10.”

Empire of the Ants

It is currently available on netflix streaming.


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2 thoughts on “Empire of the Ants

  1. Doug says:

    I saw this on some Saturday afternoon movie show. The scene where the old people come out of the cabin to find themselves surrounded was a little creepy, at least to a 12 year old.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Seeing that trailer brought back some youthful terror.
    Loved this flick in the drive-in days.

    I thought it was all giant monster, prepped for Mutated-Nature-turns-on-humans double-bills, but I had forgotten about the transformed-human aspect.
    Now I might just re-watch it with one of the body snatcher movies.

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