Alien Nation the TV Series

Alien Nation was a science fiction television series, loosely based on the movie of the same name that had its original 22 episode run from September 18, 1989 – May 7, 1990. Gary Graham starred as Detective Matthew Sikes, an LA police officer working with “Newcomer” alien George Francisco (Eric Pierpoint) on assorted cases usually related to the arrival of George’s species to Earth.

The show might have been ripe with Science Fiction possibilities, but the stories were more grounded and tended to me more like morality plays. So the strange circumstance of having an alien species cohabitating with humans, is not a vital part of the show, although the cultural difference are often the crux of some stories. At its heart the show was a classic mismatched buddy cop show.


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2 thoughts on “Alien Nation the TV Series

  1. CT says:

    This is one of my favorite shows ever produced. Well-written, smart, and great characters. It could be a bit heavy-handed sometimes, but it was a great metaphor for all sorts of life issues. I have them all on DVD. Going to have to watch them again soon.

    The show was cut short, but thankfully they brought it back as a series of made-for-TV movies, most of which were also quite enjoyable. The last couple movies made some odd choices, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

    In the movie Steel, directed by Kenneth Johnson, there are a couple subtle references to Alien Nation including cameos by Pierpoint and Graham and Tenctonese graffiti spray painted on a wall. Those were about the only saving graces of that movie.

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