Duck Tron

Like Tron? Like Duck branded duct tape? Then you will love this!
Made by Ryactive and featuring Tron guy who all in all seems like a good sport.


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4 thoughts on “Duck Tron

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I prefer to use genuine 3M branded duct tape – but if anything would ever make me change my mind , this great commercial would be it! Nice job Duck Tape.

  2. “When I’m on the Game Grid and find my Light Cycle or Identity Disc has a crack, I always use Duck Tape brand tape.” ;)

  3. Kris Knives says:

    OMG, my wife was talking about this commercial and complaining about the “angry shrew of a wife” yelling at some awesome guy in a homemade Tron suit. (She was really mad, the things she said about that woman. She really hates the “unreasonable harridan” wife stereotype.) After she explained the commercial I was all like “Wait do you mean ‘Tron Guy’?”. Now that I’ve seen it for myself I’ll have to explain to her just who Tron Guy is and why this is so awesome. Thanks for posting this, it really made my morning.

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