Commodore Computer “One to Grow On” Pin

Will S. made my day when he posted this wonderful photo of his Commodore computer fan pin from the 1980s (I think the 1980s).

[via] Flickr [via] Retroist Image Pool


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2 thoughts on “Commodore Computer “One to Grow On” Pin

  1. Will S., thank you very much for sharing that in the Image Pool. I really need to find one of those for my collection! :)

  2. The Doc says:

    Well this brings back memories! I used to attend a Commodore Users Group (aka reason to get together and swap discs!) and during one of the larger get-togethers at a large hotel, the coordinators were giving these pins away! The event coordinator also happened to run a very large mom and pop computer shop at the time and he said Commodore sent them to him for selling so many C64’s. I no longer have my pin but it used to set on top of my TV set where I had my C64 hooked up.

    As always, thanks for posting this and taking me back (again) to a childhood spent playing each and every new game that was ever made for the C64. Man I miss Mail Order Monsters, Winter and Summer Games, Impossible Mission, Archon, and Maniac Mansion. Time to fire up the emulator again soon!

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