Cap’n Crunch Retro T-Shirt Offer Now Running

I went to the supermarket to get some food this morning and right at the endcap at the front of the store, I spied the Cap’n smiling at me. Not unusual, but what made the boxes special is the offer for an adult “Retro style” t-shirt (they are marketing to adults!). So if you like the Cap’n, now is the time to load up. They were on sale at my market, so I just bought the 4 at once. In 10-12 weeks (long time), I should be the recipient of crunch themed retro goodness.

The box has a pic of the shirt on the front and a fun little 80s crossword puzzle on the back, that is not at all made for kids.


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39 thoughts on “Cap’n Crunch Retro T-Shirt Offer Now Running

  1. Now see…when I’m stuck at work, it’s a very bad thing to show me this type of stuff. Ha, ha.

    I’ll just have to make a quick stop off after work and not only refill my energy bar with Cap’N Crunch cereal, Crunch Berries of course, but make sure that I get that awesome T-Shirt to boot. :)

  2. I bought this box because I too love Cap’n Crunch. I am stuck on the crossword though. If you have the answers, could you share? I guess my memory is not what it was anymore.

    Thanks, Angela

  3. Scott says:

    Anyone know if the sizes for the t-shirt are considered for children or adults? I have my order form and proofs all ready but I’m not sure which size to choose?!?

  4. This shirt caught my eye too. I was strolling down the cereal isle on my way to the cheese section and what do you know, the Cap’n on a denim blue t-shirt. I’m anxious to let everyone know about it.

    bizzyheadz :)

  5. Danirae says:

    I’m stuck on 3 Down – “Pretends to be a Car.” All I can think is Knightrider, but he actually was a car. Help please?

  6. dave says:

    Hey! Stuck on the crossword puzzle! My very intelligent fiance is even stuck! Give me a hint on two down, the painful eighties show!

  7. gabriela says:

    thanks for the Transformers! We were stuck on that. seven down: Macintosh
    nine across: Atari

  8. Catbyter says:

    DOWN: 1-Karate, 2-Growing (Pains), 3-Transformer, 4-Jackson, 7-Macintosh, 10-Max, 11-Mullet.
    ACROSS: 5-Crocodile, 6-Soggies, 8-Ninja, 9-Atari, 11-Material (Madonna)

  9. Stephanie says:

    Aim glad I am not the only person who neededhelp. Soggies and material were my two stumpers. Just found answers on bottom of box, when check experation date since this is November and we just bought a box. Have a great day.

  10. As a lifelong cereal box orderer I have always been surprised at the length of time required, especially in this computer age of ours. I guess somethings just wont change.

  11. Evan Gilmore says:

    I filled out the card and sent the four tokens and a money order on Oct 19th 2011 and I still haven’t received my T-Shirt :(

  12. manIK says:

    I mailed mine out on the way back from a relatives on Christmas day – dropped it right in the mailbox outside the post office. That was 5 1/2 weeks ago. It showed up yesterday. I live in the NE USA.

    I was quite shocked when it came as I understood it would take several months to show up.

  13. Rae says:

    Just came across this thread…& I just put my envelope in the mail to get the free T-shirt (for my grown son)…I’ve had the proofs of purchase & order forms for months…wish I had just gone ahead & sent them out, but kept forgetting! They’ve been laying on my kitchen counter under some cookbooks. Now to wait & see how long it takes to get this (I’ve marked my calendar)!

  14. I sent away for the shirt back in September… they cashed my check. We are now well into February and still no shirt. It’s been at least 10-12 weeks. I do hope they will make good because I really, really wanted that shirt!

  15. Michael says:

    I just got my shirt- the day the offer ended, and the size of this shirt is ridiculously small. Just called customer service and they told me ‘tough luck’.
    Awesome offer General Mills.

  16. Mike C says:

    Like Michael said: I saved proofs for months and waited several months for them to ship, just find out that the grownup size XXL is more like a man’s Small! Kid now has a sleeping shirt, at least. Same thing happened when I got a vintage T from Tide :(

  17. Danna L says:

    I sent mine in Nov. 11th and it’ officially 6 months later and no tshirt! Anyone have a number to call and check?

  18. Hi Danna L,
    As you can see from my blog above, I was not in receipt of my shirt request until I did a little research and got in touch with Quaker Oats consumer relations:

    Be sure to indicate the day you’d sent your request and that you’re still not in receipt of your order. They will ask for a copy of your check (you should be able to obtain from your bank) and just email back as requested and you should be in receipt of your shirt in no time! I got mine within 2 weeks after I complained to consumer relations (I shouldn’t have had to complain but it just goes to show that if you bitch loud enough and long enough…). I hope you get your T-shirt soon, I have been enjoying mine. Also, a delight to know that these shirts are somewhat of a rare commodity… they are selling on ebay starting at about $30!!

  19. Julie F. says:

    I was glad to find this thread. I sent my stuff off for my t-shirt in August 2011. They cashed my check September 15, 2011. I had a baby December 11,2011 and forgot about it until recently. I have emailed customer service and attached a copy of my cashed check from my bank. Hopefully I will get mine in the mail soon.

  20. Karla says:

    Same story with me, saw the offer, ate the cereal, saved the symbols, mailed them with the check in October. Still NO t-shirt.

  21. I sent off for two, never got them. Every couple of weeks, I remember that I never got them and I get all pissed off again. Today would be one of those days I remembered and got pissed off.

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