Apple Macintosh Performa Commercial (1994)

…with a blazing 8 MBs of RAM!?


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5 thoughts on “Apple Macintosh Performa Commercial (1994)

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Wow – as an Apple fanboy, I’ve got to say that this commercial is the reason I was happily using PCs in 1994. They really didn’t make a very compelling argument for the Performa at all. Definitely a low point in Apple history.

  2. I used to like Apple in the 80’s, then the early 2000’s. Now, all Microsoft, all the time. But this commercial simply sucks. You can definitely tell Steve Jobs was not employed at the time.

  3. I was never a big Mac guy, but I couldn’t pass on this computer lot last year at the Oklahoma Video Game Expo. For $100 I got all these machines, plus two Apple IIe machines (one worked, one was parts).

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