Pimp my Ride: 1925 Edition

I’m not what you’d call a “car guy,” but I’m pretty sure that the best question any auto collector has ever been asked is “Would you be interested in buying a Rolls-Royce . . . and a machine gun?”

This curious monstrosity is a custom-built 1925 Rolls-Royce Torpedo Tourer, constructed at the behest of Umed Singh II, Maharajah of Kotah. It seems the Maharajah was a bit of an outdoorsman, and, hailing from a less-refined time when no one thought twice about a man blasting tigers and elephants with automatic weapons, wanted to enjoy nature’s bounty in true style. That is, from the plush seat of his luxury car/mobile death fortress.

The car bristled with every caliber of firearm known to man, including an anti-pachyderm cannon and a machine gun mounted on carriage behind the vehicle. It’s unclear how successful Singh was in his wheeled hunting endeavors, but sitting in that thing, who was going to ask?


More details about the car and it’s recent sale can be found at AutoWeek.

As an aside, how cool of a Transformer would this make?


Privateer, grenadier, raconteur. In the midwestiest place on earth.

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3 thoughts on “Pimp my Ride: 1925 Edition

  1. This would not be a good car to have stuck behind you on a day of heavy traffic. Horns blaring+hot asphalt+firepower could be a deadly concoction.

  2. If that happens, you had better hope you’re driving that Red Baron Hot Wheels car. Only that giant helmet would protect you from that kind of attack!

  3. Carlos, great post! You do realize that you and Flack have stumbled onto the next big Transformers toyline? The Hotwheels Red Baron car would be perfect for the Decepticons and our 1925 rolling fortress in this post would make a great Autobot! But what about their names? :)

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