Mondo Offers New Buckaroo Banzai Poster!

This poster is by Phantom City Creative and is limited to only a run of 165 prints and they are hand numbered so like all Mondo offerings they will sell out incredibly fast so make sure to follow that link and get to buying.

Thanks to Slash Film for the heads up on the poster.

Atari Adventure Square

Some days you wake up with your trusty sword right next to you.

Other days the keys are locked in the castle.

But the next day is just a reset switch away.

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5 thoughts on “Mondo Offers New Buckaroo Banzai Poster!

  1. Great find, Atari! Glad you could stop by the nearest I/O tower and beam this post to us!

    Daniel and the Retroist, you are both correct! :)

  2. CarlosTheDwarf says:

    Amazing. One of my favorite movies of all time. And a personal litmus test for a sense of humor, I’ve found that if somebody doesn’t “get” this movie, we might not enjoy each other’s humor very much.

  3. Carlos, it’s funny you mention that. I showed this to my local friends waaay back in the 90’s…and after about 30 minutes I realized they didn’t seem to be enjoying the movie at all.

    Now days? I…still don’t think they care for it much. Not quite sure to be truthful. How can one not see that film and realize that Dr. Banzai is one of the greatest heroes in the world? ;)

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