Retro Computers: Then and Now – Coleco ADAM

I have a photo of myself from 1987 using the Coleco ADAM computer. It looks as though I am using SmartLOGO, which is an art program in which you tell the turtle (cursor) to draw objects on the screen by commanding it to move forward 10, right 45, forward 25, left 60, etc..

So I thought I’d take a similar photo today of me using an ADAM computer. Sadly, it is not the same computer as in the original photo. On a good note, I have more Coleco ADAM stuff now than I did then =)

5 thoughts on “Retro Computers: Then and Now – Coleco ADAM

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great pics RJ.
    It reminds me how, despite the limited resources within computers of the day, they had what was needed and, more importantly, were built to last.
    Nowadays expansion comes with the necessity to upgrade constantly.
    And I stopped seeing the improvement with my eyes a while back.

    Mebbe that’s why I find the retro stylings of the old blinking cursor and pixellated critters soothing and quite perfect for textual and entertainment needs.

    (says the guy typing on a Mac G4)

  2. Well, if I could surf the web on the ADAM, I would, even if it meant not having certain animations or photos load up. Or if even if it took 3 minutes to load a single page ;)

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