Dungeons & Dragons Figures

At some point in time, either in my last year of grade school or early years of middle school, I found these ungodly things in a bargain bin at Kay Bee Toys and, having been entraced with Dungeons and Dragons for some time (though never able to find a group to play it with), I convinced Mom to buy them for me. All I can say now is, “What were the designers of these toys/characters thinking when they created them and what was Mom thinking when she bought them?” Oh yeah, the octopus-like one (The Deadly Grell) is also poisonous, so that helps the poor elves who are just trying to get by, scraping whatever treasures they can out of an abandoned dungeon in a down economy. Seriously, with creatures like this running around everywhere, how did anybody in D&D land ever survive? Unimaginable ugliness and lethality aside, I had a lot of fun positioning the Grell with all his tentacles down like a cage over one of the elves and slapping the other elf with the red, pulpy palms of the NeoOgtoh.

After remembering these toys, I found them and a lot of others here. I also found this image on Google Images and thought, “That looks familiar.” Of course it does. It’s from our buddy Sean Hartter and its on our own site.


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4 thoughts on “Dungeons & Dragons Figures

  1. Doug, I would kill to get my hands on those Dwarves PVC guys! I have a friend that thankfully held on to his collection of D and D collection and I believe he too found them at Kay Bee Toys!

  2. Love these figures. I had a few when I was younger but only one has managed to survive to adulthood is mt Troglodyte. Loved my Neo Otyguh, wonder where he got off to?

  3. McK says:

    Was JUST thinking about these a few weeks ago after forgetting about them for so long.

    I got them when I was very young, but had the Grell, the orange Odious Ogre, the Fire Elemental, the Carrion Crawler, the Bullywugs, and the Sinister Spectre/Lich.

    I bended the hell out of the Grell’s arms.

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