Hollywood Auction Extravaganza II

Driving to breakfast this morning, I was surprised to pass a sign for the Hollywood Auction Extravaganza II. This was a bit more appealing than some pancakes, so I stopped to check it out. They’re auctioning a huge selection of movie, TV, and musical props. This includes items from the original Planet of the Apes films, Back to the Future, Batman, and even Indiana Jones. If you’re more into the lyrical scene, they have stuff from Van Halen, Michael Jackson, and even Sammy Davis Jr. The auction runs this weekend (July 30-31st, 2011) and starts at 11 am Pacific. No need to be in Los Angeles to participate, though. You can see all the goodies and bid online at www.icollector.com Just don’t bid against me for the Spock ears!


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4 thoughts on “Hollywood Auction Extravaganza II

  1. vinvectrex says:

    @VicSage – sadly I did not. Somewhere out there, some lucky person is wearing ears that were destined for me. I’ll have to make do with my play doh ones for now.

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