Teaser Trailer For Battleship

Thanks to Yahoo! Movies for the heads up on this teaser trailer for the upcoming 2012 Hasbro based classic game, Battleship.


Battleship is directed by Peter Berg and stars Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, Taylor Kitsch, and Brooklyn Decker. In truth this teaser makes me think this film is highly suitable for the Drive-In.


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6 thoughts on “Teaser Trailer For Battleship

  1. DLM-Gir says:

    I was up to it until the part with the ships and what I’m going to guess is a space-craft. Looks more like Transformers 4. I was actually going “Oh, Please be fake..” while watching the trailer at first, but the beginning seemed decent, not like the best movie ever but the type of movie that knows it’s a stupid idea and has fun with it. Then it went bad, I could understand possibly having some force forcing projectiles into the boats like in the board game, which is what I thought was happening at first, but then it went all serious and just lost me, hopefully it’s better than the trailer makes it look, but If it is something like aliens attacking I’m going to guess it gets lost with the rest of the mediocre scifi movies.

  2. Doug says:

    I don’t remember spaceships in the game, but then I don’t remember bikini girls in it, either.

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