Lucky Supermarkets Had the Lowest Prices in 1988?

Lucky Supermarkets claims to have lower prices than Vons, Albertsons, Ralphs, or Hughes and they are bringing out the computing power of 1988 to prove.


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2 thoughts on “Lucky Supermarkets Had the Lowest Prices in 1988?

  1. Craig L says:

    I was grocery shopping in the L.A. area (where that commercial ran) when Lucky did indeed have the lowest overall prices, BUT every chain except Lucky was Doubling Coupons, which wiped out their advantage – if you used coupons (and I did). The Lucky chain was bought out by Albertsons (since bought out by SuperValu, but they got to keep the name) and recently, SV has recently rebranded two-and-only-two Albertsons stores in L.A. to bring back the Lucky name. But no sign yet of serious spokeswoman Stephanie Edwards… she is a whole other L.A. nostalgia story…

  2. Great info Craig. I really like the name Lucky for a supermarket over Albertsons. Also I was not aware of what Stephanie Edwards had done outside the Rose Parade, but I just looked her up and educated myself a little.

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