TRON Action Figures

VicSage’s recent post about the 29th Anniversary of Tron prompted me to hit eBay and look for some Tron toys I didn’t already own. I ended up picking up a complete set of carded Tron action figures.

Here are Tron and Flynn, ready to hit the grid (just as soon as someone helps them escape from these cards!).

Here to “keep them in the games until they die playing” are Sark and the creatively named “Warrior”.

These are the 20th Anniversary figures, released by Neca. To the naked eye, they appear to be identical to the 1982 line of figures which were originally made by Tomy. And, like the originals, Tron, Flynn, and Sark all come with glow-in-the-dark identity disks. The generically named “Warrior” comes equipped with a glow-in-the-dark “stick”.

I haven’t found a good deal on a light cycle yet, but when I do, expect Flynn and Tron to bust out of the light cycle program and make a run for it!

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9 thoughts on “TRON Action Figures

  1. These were the greatest. I got them all and a light cycle one Christmas (when Tron was originally released.) That light cycle could really haul butt down the sidewalk, and it did epic flips off the curb! I loved that thing!

  2. “Somewhere” (I think they’re upstairs mingling with the Star Wars guys) I have three of the four original Tron figures (I never owned an original “Warrior”) along with a red light cycle.

    I have a couple of guys from the latest Tron film, along with two more light cycles (one white, one black).

  3. No. I should go check Target and Walmart, the two places I saw the toys greatly discounted. I doubt they still have them, but you never know.

  4. @Flack Great memory! The Retroist is right, the best place to look is Target. Just a couple of weeks ago I turned the corner and found the Kevin Flynn Deluxe Identity Disc along with Rinzler’s!
    I had been looking for both of them since the movie came out…it almost looked like maybe they found all of these boxes of Tron goodness in the back, they had just forgot to put them out or something. :)

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