The Jim Henson Hour – Outtake

This video just goes to show that with Jim Henson’s talent he was able to create characters that could think and feel for themselves…even if that feeling was sometimes just plain grumpy.

Thanks to the Henson Company for uploading this outtake from the Jim Henson Hour over on YouTube!


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4 thoughts on “The Jim Henson Hour – Outtake

  1. Yeah, so say we all, friends. :(

    I do like the look of the new Muppets movie though, at least a bit of his genius lives on in the works of his and his company’s creation.

  2. Yes, the Muppets have always seemed more like living breathing beings than created characters. I don’t think it’s just down to being played by one actor either. Jim (and the other Muppet founders) seemed to have had a kind of magic. The muppets aren’t at the whim of whoever happens to be directing them, they are actors themselves who play roles, and play them wonderfully. I’m a fan of Disney but not a fan of Disney buying the Muppets and I hope that Disney focuses on marketing the Muppets and takes a “hands off” approach to the creative and artistic direction of the property (unlike they did with Pixar). Hopefully the Muppets will continue to be around for a long, long time because future generations need to have them out there. Unchanged, un glamorized…just the simple, handmade, funny charming folks that they are.

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