The Thing Prequel Trailer!

Okay. I’m kind of being won over by this trailer for the upcoming prequel of John Carpenter’s masterpiece, The Thing, which was itself a remake of Christian Nyby and Howard Hawk’s the Thing From Another World. Though I do hope they keep the same spirit of Carpenter’s remake with their new film…the loss of trust, the mounting dread, and in some ways…hopelessness in the face of something “greater” than the human race. I’m worried though that this film might have taken a page from 30 Days of Night (Which I quite enjoyed but I don’t think it fits a Thing story) in regards to the pacing of the movie.

<a href='' target='_new' title='&#39;The Thing&#39; Movie Trailer' >Video: &#39;The Thing&#39; Movie Trailer</a>

I’m probably in the minority on this but I really dig this poster for the movie as well. A huge thanks to Film School Rejects for the image below!


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6 thoughts on “The Thing Prequel Trailer!

  1. Doug says:

    John Carpenter’s The Thing is my fav movie of all time. It comforts me, weirdly enough. When I was 8, my Dad was managing some apartment complex, and we got cable, including pay channels, for free. I saw The Thing I don’t know how many times. When the dog’s head peels back like a banana…I couldn’t believe it, but I sure told my friends about it. I still watch the movie at least every other month.

    I’ve been waiting for the prequel. It was supposed to be out in May and then delayed I think because they didn’t want to compete or something stupid like that. I’ve seen a bootleg of the teaster trailer. It looks great, plus I’ve been in love with Winstead since Sky High. I’ll be there for the opening. Standing invite for any of Team Retroist to come see it with me.

  2. Doug says:

    PS – this trailer is even better than the one I saw and I love the poster as well (echoes one of the creepier scenes of Carpenter’s). It looks a lot like Carpenter’s, so I’m excited about it. I’m glad it’s a prequel, those I’m a little cheesed because I dreamed up a script that would be two prequels and a sequel to it (the first taking place in space before the Thing lands, the second at the Norwegian camp like this movie, and the third showing events after the first film). Does anybody think it would be awesome if Russell was the Thing, and he engineered the events of the movie from the blood test on to make it look like he wasn’t?

  3. Now…Doug that is an interesting viewpoint on the blood test. Did MacReady go first on the blood test? I’m stuck at work for the weekend so I’ll have to check when I get home, unless one of you kind readers would like to do the homework.

    I thought about something after writing this…if this film happens to be fast paced…I might actually be okay with it. Because now I’m thinking of the two films as bookends…the Thing tries to assimilate everything at the Norwegian base…that fails…so it tries a different approach at the second base, infiltration.

    I agree with you completely by the way concerning Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

  4. Doug says:

    Macready did not go first; I know that for a fact. I can’t remember who did, though. The blood test was after Macready was suspected and his torn clothes found. We are to suspect that the Thing tore his clothes as a diversion, but what if it didn’t? What if he was infected all along? In the Dark Horse comic that followed up on the movie, Macready was clean and Childs was infected. I hate to think of either being infected, but I hate to think of either as not infected either.

    Pushing it further, though, you have to think that Things would eventually fight each other. The one thing I don’t like about the movie is that the rules aren’t established well enough. In my opinion, when a thing first infects an organism, the infection is pretty mindless (as seen in the way the blood simply reacted to the test), and then as it matures, it becomes more intelligent. What that would mean, then, is that one intelligence would spawn another. You would have to think, though, that the first intelligence would not like the second; it would be a competitor. You see this in the way Palmer, who must have already been infected at the blood test, ratted out the Norris-head thing. I think the Thing’s goal should be to absorb everything into itself, into one organism/intelligence. I like the idea of Things warring between themselves over more prey.

    I like your idea about the different tactics it takes in the camps. Besides that, it is much weaker when it gets to the American camp because it has been kept small, so it has to take a different tact. It was stronger (had more mass) when it thawed out in the Norwegian camp.

    You can see I’ve thought about this perhaps more than is warranted…

  5. Atari Adventure Square says:

    That trailer is pretty good. They managed to keep things fairly unspoilery.

    Yeah, I’m digging this discussion of such a beloved monster movie.
    I hate to be contrarian, Doug, but The Thing always seemed to me to be more of a hive-mind kind of existence. Or maybe, more precisely, that it didn’t matter if one such ‘being’ walked around and got killed or sacrificed, as long as its genetic material escaped to spread around and conquer.
    Like Dr. Blair showed MacReady (I think it was that doc) the computer sim of how the contagion will spread. It makes The Thing even creepier and more alien, it seems, to be parasitic and a perfect mimic but not personality-based.

    I thought a lot about the similarity between The Thing and the pod people as a single function-based alien lifeform that assumes human communication methods but does not rely on them to move forward in total domination.

    Which is why the ending to the 1982 version is kinda perfect in that we get no resolve from the mystery explicitly, but since the warring confrontation and paranoia puts the last two survivors in a checkmate, it would seem neither of them are actually infected since the alien could do just about anything to finish the job, but the humans lost in that they’d sooner kill each other than work together, after all the insane mayhem they just witnessed.

    I really hope the new movie does bookend the story, in either way.

    Also, just checked out the dvd and Windows was the first one blood-checked…and they didn’t get a Blue Screen Of Death!
    (I wish I didn’t type that. Or this. And then pressed Post Comment. But there you go.)

    And you know the best part for me of all this? I got so revved up reading your article and comments that I now have to watch the 1982 movie again and I’ll pop that corn, pop a big old grin on my face and press play and – despite it being the Nth viewing – it’ll be just like the first.
    Thanks guys!

  6. Doug says:

    Carpenter was definitely suggesting a hive mind. But I don’t buy it. 1) They would have to be telepathic: two infected organisms not connected by tissue could only communicate telepathically if they were hive mind, 2) why did Palmer rat out the Norris head? He was the only one who saw it, he could have kept his mouth shut, and a piece of the Thing could have easily hidden. So, yeah, hive mind was what they were suggesting, but I think it’s better to think that after an infection matures in a host, it becomes its own entity.

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