Happiness was the TV Guide Fall Preview


I remember being a kid and having to beg my mother to buy a TV guide whenever we went to the store. She was smart and would usually not budge, because the newspaper we bought came with a TV listings section. Still on occasion she would give into my begging and it was usually for the very special, Fall Preview edition. Retroist Image Pool member, trainman74, has posted many TV Guide covers, including some of the Fall Preview guides that filled my Septembers with such joy.


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  1. Gosh darnit, I loved those issues, too. This was way before the Net, so usually this was the ONLY way to learn about what was new and, sometimes shockingly, what was not coming back! Good memories, indeed.

    Going to tumblr this one at my TV blog, My Third Parent – http://mythirdparent.tumblr.com/post/7580580530/good-memories-with-these-issues-via-the-retroist

  2. Maria says:

    The Fall TV Preview issues were one of the highlight of my year! As a big tv viewer, I’d read through each new show like I was paging through a catalogue, painstakingly checking off everything that seemed promising. I’d plan my entire fall schedule the day I received the magazine. My mom wouldn’t buy any other issues of the magazine, either. Not only were tv listings published in the newspaper, but we didn’t get cable, so it didn’t make much sense to buy a magazine based around tv schedules. (Of course, these were the days when MTV emphasized music and TV Guide actually had… tv listings and not just repetitive celebrity gossip.)

  3. The Retroist says:

    I remember when my sister brought home a “highlighter” from school. I had never seen one, but it changed my TV planning. I would highlight shows I wanted to see — it was a magical time.

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