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The Star Wars Bedroom I Wanted as a Kid

You see a lot of Star Wars dream rooms nowadays and they are usually pretty exceptional with ships shapes like x-wings and tauntaun rugs. When I was a kid, I had much simpler dreams which pretty much included two elements, wall hangings and bedding. Both of these were included in this picture, which was posted on the Retroist Image Pool. THIS was my dream bedroom as a kid, I simply did not have the imagination to exceed that vision. This was a very lucky kid.


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6 thoughts on “The Star Wars Bedroom I Wanted as a Kid

  1. I had those bedsheets, posters, LP, and most of the other stuff as a kid. I remember building X-Wing and Millennium Falcon models (no TIE Fighter, though). I also had the little 45s of the Story of Star Wars which I listened to on my tiny record player. Good times.

  2. I had most of the stuff in that picture. I still have my Star Wars bed sheets, which my son used until he outgrew them. I had every action figure and toy set from the first movie (Death Star with the trash masher, etc.). I also had all the games and electronics. The pièce de résistance, though, was my Star Wars wallpaper. I had one entire wall in my bedroom papered with Star Wars. Believe it or not, I still have several feet of that wallpaper rolled up in one of my closets.

  3. Guess who still has those bed sheets along with another, different looking star war bed sheet set? Me. Just got them back from my mom. She had them in storage.

  4. TK says:

    Don’t you hate those kids!? My parents were far too sensible for that. I would get only one or 2 items, & after I saved my allowance. Now I go all out for my kids.

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