Re-Animator VS Sin City

I so very much wish this was a real movie…Paul L. Petzrick deserves some kudos for his editing of these two movies into a cult film fan’s dream come true. Thanks to greatsharkhunt for uploading this over on YouTube.

I’d pay very good money to see Herbert West and Marv go toe to toe…superhuman brawn vs superhuman intelligence.


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2 thoughts on “Re-Animator VS Sin City

  1. Hey there Vic Sage!

    I came across your post a few days ago and wanted to leave a reply, thanking you for your kind words. It is deeply appreciated. I actually heard from other people (through youtube) similar desire that the “trailer” I put together really were for a real movie. I personally would like to see Herbert West fight anyone and everyone.

    I think the reason I did this video really stems from my love of Re-Animator, more than anything else. After I saw the color treatment in Sin City, Re-Animator was the first thing to pop up in my head that would work really well with the same effect. The reagent and it’s glowing green…. that got me going. I just had to see that happen.

    Anyway, thanks! It’s been a while since I tinkered with youtube, although I’m planning to eventually do a similar “mash up” type video, with old Star Trek episodes and the Canadian show Lexx. The only difference is that I’ll be using more professional animation software rather than video editing software (which is what I used for Re-Animator vs. Sin City.)

  2. Paul, it’s my pleasure, friend. Thank you for the kind words and make sure to send me a link to your new video when you are ready to debut it! :)

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