1977 Micronauts Commercial

There are two great things about this commercial:

1) Biotron
2) The kid’s Father helping him with the Hydrocopter.

Thanks to seanmc31076 for posting this on YouTube!

Now my greatest love for the Micronauts comes from the Marvel Comic series. But I noticed that the Biotron featured in the commercial above looked a little different, mine had boots, so that when the little levers in the knees moved it would shuffle forward.


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3 thoughts on “1977 Micronauts Commercial

  1. Doug says:

    Is it just me or do the Micronauts have the least personality of any toys save maybe Stretch Armstrong. I had one (the Time Traveller) and he was just so bland that I don’t remember anything about him. I think it was the metal heads; kind of distances them from us fleshy beings. They remind me of 70s sci-fi movie robots. The one with the big barrel chest is a dead ringer for Logan’s Run’s Box.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great commercial, Vic!

    I dunno about that personality issue Doug, mine gave me a stern look whenever I interchanged the hands and feet for some Frankensteinish giggles.

    But yeah, the metallic faces gave them a steely stoic staredown advantage.
    It took the comic books to give me a little incentive to their mingling with the warmer-eyed Kenner brood.

  3. I just picked up my first two issues of Micronauts last night. I’m eager to put together the entire series, no matter what condition I find them in, and read Bill Mantlo’s wonderful work!

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