Head to Your Local Drive-In Today

Looking for something to do on this Independence Day? How about take in a movie? No, not those sit in a theater movies! A sit in your car movie! That’s right, Independence Day is the perfect time to re-engage in the All American tradition, The Drive-In movie. If you do not know where your local Drive-In is, you can point your trusty browser to Drive-Ins.com, which is a great resource for both closed and still functioning Drive-Ins.

Just do quick zip code search and see what is around you. Even if you do not have one in your area anymore, you can still get a little info about the Drive-Ins you visited as a kid and relive those golden memories.

The Drive-In is an endangered form of amusement, so please support your local one. Let’s not let this piece of Americana die.


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One thought on “Head to Your Local Drive-In Today

  1. M says:

    We have a great drivein near us that is always PACKED. The past couple weeks they have been playing Cars 2 for the first feature, so the line to get in has been about half a mile long … love that they get such great business!

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