atari frogger ad

Parker Brothers Frogger Atari Ad

I thought I was a pretty big Frogger fan, but I never took the time to put on a pair of tight fitting spandex frog legs before I played the game. I certainly would have never put them on while in the office. Can you imagine the explaining he would need to do if his boss walked in while he was “half frog”?

Plus the tight binding fabric would probably cause some manner of discomfort and impede my already limited concentration. Frankly, I am now thinking this guy is more a frog fetishist than a true Frogger fan.

atari frogger ad

This ad and many other wonderful one like it are from the Plaidman’s wonderful Flickr account. He is also a member of the Retroist Photo Pool on Flickr (catch the fever!)


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2 thoughts on “Parker Brothers Frogger Atari Ad

  1. Jason K. says:

    Hooray! I made the front page! (Well, my flickr account did……..hopefully mom and dad will still be proud. :)

  2. I love the Retroist Photo Pool on Flickr! Where else do you get to see such a finely currated collection of retro images. It’s inspiring and does my retroist heart proud.

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