Night Terrors Series: Phase 7

A huge thank you to our friends over at the Platform Media Group as well as The Collective for being kind enough to send me a screener for Phase 7, the third entry in the Night Terrors Series. The Collective, AMC Theatres, and Bloody Digusting Selects have teamed up to bring horror fans the best films around the world, which after seeing the first three entries (Rammbock, Yellowbrickroad, and now Phase 7) anyone that considers themselves fan of the horror genre should be very grateful they have done so.

Phase 7 is an Argentinian horror film that feels like it came from the 1980s and considering the site you are reading this review on that is high praise indeed. Directed and Written by Nicolás Goldbart, Phase 7 deals with Coco (Daniel Hendler) and his 7 month pregnant wife Pipi (Jazmín Stuart) as they deal with what at first seems to be a singular medical epidemic as they are quarantined along with a handful of neighbors to their new apartment complex.

Nicolás does a fantastic job of letting the tension grow naturally in the film, for this movie is very much a potboiler of a tale. Though thankfully there is more than a touch of black humor to help ease some of the tension, generally in how Coco is not cut out to be a hero…and that is putting it mildly…he is kind of a cross between Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead and Jeff Bridges from the Big Lebowski. Since the film deals with a viral epidemic there is a lot of suspicion as to which neighbor is infected and this is where the horror aspect of it all really kicks in, in my opinion the issue of trust is the main point of the movie.

To be fair I’m not sure the trailer above paints the film the right way, as I mentioned before this film is very 80’s, even the music by Guillermo Guareschi reminds me of the legendary film scores by John Carpenter. Very simple but it helps to build the tension in a subtle way. I feel I need to give kudos to Daniel Hendler as well as to Yayo Guridi who plays his paranoid neighbor, Horacio. Not to step too deeply into spoiler territory but I was left wondering if perhaps Horacio was the only person in the film that truly knew what was going down.

Phase 7 opens theatrically on July 13th at participating AMC Theatres so make sure to check your local listings or go to Bloody Disgusting Selects for tickets and show times. I know I say this with every review but I certainly am a bit jealous of you readers that have the opportunity to see these movies in the theatre!


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