The Last Man On Earth Trailer (1964)

American International’s film, The Last Man On Earth, has so far been the closest to the original source material, I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson. If you have not had the pleasure of reading the novel I highly recommend you visit your local bookstore or download it to your favorite Digital Book Reader today! George A. Romero has even said this film was the blueprint for Night of the Living Dead…and you also get Vincent Price…so you can’t lose.


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4 thoughts on “The Last Man On Earth Trailer (1964)

  1. I usually get around to watching this movie twice a year. Thanks for reminding me. Added to my watching queue for this holiday weekend.

  2. John Hart says:

    I agree completely. Here is how I rate the four different movies.
    The Last Man on Earth
    The Omega Man
    I Am Omega (I haven’t seen this version but I still rate it above Will Smith’s movie)
    I Am Legend


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