Super 8 Inspires Rediscovering Super 8 Film Equipment

To celebrate the release of Super 8 this weekend (which I thought was wonderful), I dug out my family’s Super 8 equipment, which I have preserved. This was used by my father, my brother and myself throughout the 70s and 80s. My father taught me to use this gear when I was 13 years old and it certainly shaped my future.

See the full photo set over on Flickr

Submitted by Patrick from over at Space Zombie Films


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3 thoughts on “Super 8 Inspires Rediscovering Super 8 Film Equipment

  1. I know of a lot of current filmmakers who started out making Super 8mm films when they were kids. I know of two in particular because we made chase scenes on Super 8mm film when we were 12 (on foot) 14 (on bikes) 16 (in cars). Their names? Glen and Darin Morgan, who worked on the X Files and went on to make feature films.

  2. Really to enjoy film, try Super 16 (I understand the whole Super 8 retro thing). But Super 16has a much better picture quality, still single sprocket and won’t cost a fortune to film and develop like 35. I still do some filming both in photography 35mm – Olympus OM-1 and my 16mm – AATON.

  3. patrick j doody says:

    Kmuzu –

    Super 16 was not available to me at 13 years old back in 1987!

    I do own a Bolex and have used 16mm extensively for many years. Although, I have abandoned shooting film altogether due to cost and ease of use. (We did fire up the Bolex in 2002 for a short film and we looked like a bunch of 4 year olds trying to load the daylight spools.)

    I’m not against using film, but the format sadly no longer suits my purposes.

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