Eric Slager’s Minimalist Muppets

What do you get when you try to minimize iconic characters to their bare recognized minimums? I have no idea! I am not a designer or an artist, but luckily Eric Slager is and he put his talents to stripping his the Muppets down to their most basic form. The impressive results have been posted at Lost at E Minor.

Eric Slager’s Minimalist Muppets [@] Lost at E Minor


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4 thoughts on “Eric Slager’s Minimalist Muppets

  1. Great post. I actually never thought about the designer behind those faces. To be honest though I think I was more of a Sesame Street fan than a Muppets Fan. I think I liked the balance of real people mixed with puppets, animated clips and real video clips all mashed together as one show. Really cool designs though. My Manhattan-born-and raised college boyfriend’s BFF’s mom actually designed or created Miss Piggy. No lie.

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