Attract Mode for Reactor by Gottlieb

Reactor is a pretty cool game, with a really good title, but both of those things pail in comparison to the music they deliver in this very memorable attract mode. So good!


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5 thoughts on “Attract Mode for Reactor by Gottlieb

  1. blinddog says:

    David Thiel is the guy that created the sound for that game and I believe worked on all the Gottieb games like Q-bert and Mad planets. I had the chance to meet him briefly at the arcade/pinball show in Seattle where he talked about the work he did on the new Tron Pinball, a real nice and talented guy.

  2. earblast says:

    Gottlieb had some of the best sound around with their games. I HAVE to get one of their games in my collection. I’d really like to have a Gottlieb as my next addition.

  3. I’ve not had the pleasure of playing the actual arcade game, sad as that is. My only contact with it is the Atari 2600 port by Parker Bros., I enjoyed it but this looks far tougher than the cart port.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great music in this game.
    As much as I love hearing original themes turned into inspiring game music, I also love rockin’ versions of game music.
    This would indeed be a good candidate.

    As for the game, I once got to try it out briefly in an arcade full of apt receptors for my handful of quarters. As it turned out, the stressful pulsating death core got the better of me in no time flat, and I ended up regretting my fleeting attempt at single-quarter video-game mastery (impossible, say I), cuz I knew the other quarters I had were already spoken for.

    I’d like to pick it up for the VCS, though.

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