isaac asimov pocket computer

Isaac Asimov wants you to buy the TRS-80 Pocket Computer

Not many people know this but if he wanted to Isaac Asimov could write an 800 page book on his TRS-80 Pocket Computer is just under 4 hours. The book’s name? I, Mutton Chop.

isaac asimov pocket computer

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3 thoughts on “Isaac Asimov wants you to buy the TRS-80 Pocket Computer

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Mr. Asimov was my favorite author as I was growing up. As with all product endorsements, I wonder if he ever used the TRS-80 pocket computer. I do seem to recall he used a TRS-80 word processor, so I suppose it isn’t out of the question.

  2. Paradroyd says:

    “ can function just like a calculator, something a desktop computer can’t do.”.

    Huh? No disrespect meant to Mr. Asimov, but I could do that on pretty much any desktop computer I’ve ever owned, back to the TI99/4A. I guess he’s talking about the key layout or something.

    Anyway, I’ve had a PC4 (lower-end model of this) since it first came out. Though it’s more of a conversation piece now than anything, believe it or not, it still works. Back in th day, it did seem pretty cutting-edge. It’s not easy to edit programs on it though..

  3. The only knock I’ll ever give Isaac is that he once claimed to not understand the television series, Alf. I remember telling my Father that while he drove me to the movie theatre and he replied that Asimov was so intelligent that a simple sitcom like Alf held no interest for him. :)

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