Science the Enemy of Dinosaur Toys?

Lisa over at Collector’s Weekly did a fun piece that looks at our favorite Dinos and how Science has changed the field so much that everything we learned about these thunder lizards was wrong. Lisa says it better of course…

Well, information unearthed during the past two decades proves that everything we thought we knew about the Big Three was wrong. Thanks, science! Here’s how all those books and playthings you cherished as a kid—your educational toys—are completely outdated.

To find out why what you learned about Dinosaurs was wrong, drop by Collector’s Weekly and read, How Science Made Your Dino Toys Extinct.


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One thought on “Science the Enemy of Dinosaur Toys?

  1. Some Chick says:

    “Thanks, science!”

    Yes, surely learning new things is bad. (Exasperated eye-roll.)

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