8-bit Version of the Theme to The Golden Girls

I say this with no shame, I am a lifelong card carrying fan of the Golden Girls. Well written, well acted, with superb chemistry. What is not to like? I cannot think of anything to improve the show, except maybe changing the theme to something a little more 8-bit. Take it away Peachy…

Golden girls by Peachy


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5 thoughts on “8-bit Version of the Theme to The Golden Girls

  1. Jason K. says:

    I’m trying to envision what a Golden Girls video game would look like.

    I should really put all my design skills to use and start making Box art for the games that would go along with Peachy’s masterpieces. I have a vision of a Golden Girls cover in the style of the Missile Command box…..

  2. I see the game play as sort of like Food Fight, with you taking on the role of a Golden Girl and you need to dodge potential bad relationships in the form of old men with walkers and collect cheesecakes before meeting up with another one of the girls on the page. You repeat that over and over and score points for speed and for collecting cheesecakes.

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