Old Spice Guy – Isaiah Mustafa’s Luke Cage Trailer

I think even before this trailer, Isaiah Mustafa, has been pretty forthright with his desire to be cast as Power Man. I like this chutzpah and appreciation for the role. I think he would need a little more bulk to nail the role on the “look” side of things (I always picture Cage as broader), but it looks like he could pull this off.

[via] YouTube


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2 thoughts on “Old Spice Guy – Isaiah Mustafa’s Luke Cage Trailer

  1. Without a doubt I would happily go to the movie theatre to see this! I would hope they could find a way to slip his Danny Rand, his future partner, into the film as a cameo! :)

  2. Doug says:

    Love to see Power Man and Iron Fist, but Isaiah ain’t the guy. Close but not quite.

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