AK Centerfire from Entertech


I had one of these and it NEVER shot as cool as it did in the commercials. Ultimately, the motor stopped working all together. I returned it to get that .45 Sidearm water gun. Now that one worked REALLY well, however, it required you to carry around the tank and motor in a purse like pack. Most likely, it worked better because the motor was larger, but overall it was really cumbersome in those war torn situations in Sauganash – my Chicago neighborhood where I grew up.

Those were some mean streets I tell you.

Patrick J. Doody

Patrick J. Doody is a horror nerd and Mexican Pepsi enthusiast living in Los Angeles.He writes movies and makes TV shows. Check out his latest endeavor, Beyond Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.

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8 thoughts on “AK Centerfire from Entertech

  1. MC says:

    WOW I’m pretty sure I remember this ad..

    I miss when water guns could be awesome. I had a whole set that resembled WWII-era weapons. Sadly, I left my (pretty real-looking) Luger in the car and its barrel melted. The motor in the machine gun eventually went bad, too. And when I went searching for replacements, suddenly everything was day-glo… bummer.

  2. patrick j doody says:

    Hey, thanks for posting my submission.

    Even when these things didn’t work, they looked pretty rad.

    The only other toy guns in the 80s that I would buy where the Larami line of cap guns with those crazy z cap strips. I should dig up some images of those.

  3. StuntDouble says:

    I had one of those, it was the MAC-10 version. I’m pretty sure mine was second hand though, as I don’t remember the motor ever actually working in it.

  4. This takes me back. My memories of Entertech were that they looked completely awesome and just from seeing the commercial again, I can imagine elaborate watergun fights in the woods. Sadly, these guns had the negative double-whammy of being expensive and of somewhat low quality. I’m positive that neither my Entertech gun, nor that of any of my friends, shot water for more than a week or two before the motor died.

    Still, as someone else pointed out, they were cool enough that even when they didn’t work, you could still play soldier with them.

  5. I had the WHOLE entertech line incldung the m16 with the 1 quart magazine. My favorite was the shotgun, one shot and the otherguy was soaked and would give up. So I’d cheat and shoot him and then run home as fast as I could!

  6. gobs says:

    To bad no one knows how to fix the motors inside,and could help me .i have 3 guns that dont fire :(

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