X-Men: First Class – Junk Food Tees Giveaway!

In celebration of Marvel Comic’s upcoming X-Men: First Class, Junk Food Tees is teaming up with the Retroist to give you a chance of winning one of two T-Shirts from their Mighty Mutant offering seen below!

You may purchase these shirts at the site for $32 and the sizes come in S-XL.


Now here is how you win one of those awesome T-Shirts for free…declare in the comments which character you would side with in the film, Charles Xavier or Erik Lehnsherr? Two names from all those who enter will be randomly selected by our very own Cerebro machine to receive one of the T-Shirts, it’s that simple.

Now make sure to jump over to Junk Food Tees to see for yourself all of the awesome T-shirts they have available for purchase! I particularly enjoyed the Captain America Lives design as well as the Atari World Championship shirts.

X-Men: First Class is directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass), and takes place in 1963 when Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) opens a school and later forms a team of “Gifted Youngsters”, including his best friend Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender)…who is fated to become the feared Mutant, Magneto. The film hits the big screens on June 3rd!


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20 thoughts on “X-Men: First Class – Junk Food Tees Giveaway!

  1. chris says:

    You have to side with Erik. Charles has his own agenda but he keeps it a secret. Erik will tell you all of his plans for the future.

  2. patrick j doody says:

    I side with Charles Xavier! I would ALSO side with Charles In Charge.

  3. @patrick j doody ZING! :)

    @Cheryl F. You are most welcome, friend. The credit all goes to Junk Food Tees for such a wonderful idea! :)

    Oh, I’m not in the running but I would totally join up with Magneto. I’m always for peace but if I let my imagination run away with me for a second and put myself in the shoes of a Mutant of the Marvel Universe…I’d probably be a little angry at how I was treated by the mere Homo Sapiens. ;)

  4. I’m on Team Xavier. Despite the hardships one faces in life, one must rise above their own anger and fear to become truly great and defend the defenseless.

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