The Fastest Gun By Milton Bradley (1973)

A very big thanks to Jimu, the Doctor, and Jim P over at Board Game Geek for these awesome images from the The Fastest Gun board game originally published by Denys Fisher Toys and then a year later by Milton Bradley.

Thanks to Board Game Geek we know that the object of this game boiled down to being the last person standing. You could buy the various property around the town and if you had enough cash you could hire gunslingers to fight for you or else you would be called out to fight yourself. Under the board there was an underlay that would rotate and when a hole in the underlay would rotate under your token or your gunfighter’s token it would knock it over, thereby settling who was the fastest gun.


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2 thoughts on “The Fastest Gun By Milton Bradley (1973)

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Wow! I wish I could’ve played this during my reign of Sheriff’in (and subsequent Terror) with my trusty silver cap pistol and ready-for-duel holster belt.

    Board games like this seem too cool to fade away. Hey MB! Get on this please!

    Nice Wild, Wild West-type cover, as well.

  2. oldnewromantic says:

    I’ve just bought myself an old copy of this but it doesn’t have the instructions! Anyone help? I can mostly remember….

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