James Garner in Marlowe Now on DVD

I have mentioned before that I went through (and I am still going through on some weekends), a Humphrey Bogart phase. Watching Bogart films led me to become a fan of detective fiction and especially the work of Raymond Chandler. When they bring up that technology that will allow computers to bring back stars of the past in new movies, I often scoff, but I am secretly hoping it will come true so that I can get new hard-boiled Bogart films.

It mighty take a while for that to happen, but in the meantime I keep hoping someone will do a proper reboot of the character. It almost happened once. In 1969, a pre-Rockford Files, James Garner was brought on to take a shot at playing the iconic character. The result, was a surprisingly good film filled with great performances, wonderful direction and a decent amount of humor thrown in for good measure (oh and this guy named Bruce Lee).

It was so enjoyable to watch that I was always surprised of two things. One that they never made another film with Garner in the role (although Mitchum did a pretty good job in the 1970s) and two that is what not being put out on DVD. Well we will not get another Garner film, but thanks to the good folks at the Warner Archive, this wonderful film is now finally remastered and available, exclusively through the Warner Archive shop.

Five-hundred bucks doesn’t come easily for private eye Philip Marlowe (James Garner). But when it comes by way of a bribe, it might as well be five cents. He rejects Winslow Wong (Bruce Lee) and his offer of cash…and Wong promptly karates the detective’s office into a junkpile. In a colorful whodunit based on Raymond Chandler’s The Little Sister, Garner’s easygoing style contrasts agreeably with the grim task of sleuthing a case of missing persons, blackmail and ice-pick murders. Carroll O’Connor, Rita Moreno, William Daniels, Sharon Farrell and Jackie Coogan are among the cast of characters living in a sprawling ’60s L.A. so hard-boiled somebody’s got to crack. And when that happens, it’s Marlowe’s job to put the pieces together.


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2 thoughts on “James Garner in Marlowe Now on DVD

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    James Garner and Philip Marlowe are a match made in celluloid heaven.
    Yeah, too bad he never made more of these, though I’d say Rockford was a step up for Garner with the new character’s easygoing charm and dogged determination.

    Great DVD cover for Marlowe. Must be from the original era poster. They should do this as a rule (and I believe I’m seeing more of these great images on Cinema Classics Collection cases and others).

    Love Bogie and it would make sense to use new motion-capture tech (or similar futuristic devices) to bring him back in movie roles (not selling appliances, please).
    An actor’s actor, to be sure.

    Two Marlowe flicks that stand out, imho, are the surprisingly brutal 1955’s Kiss Me Deadly from the great Robert Aldrich (with its original ending – I see a Criterion cover for this on IMDB. Must check it out) and the lesser (but still surprising) Lady In The Lake from 1947 which is entirely shot in Marlowe’s POV!
    Not a great film, that last one, but unusual and must-see for that reason.
    Of course, nothing beats Bogart in the role.

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