L.A. Noire – Playing It In Black & White?

A huge, huge thanks to Joystiq.Com for giving me the heads up on an option for the fantastic L.A. Noire from Rockstar Games…

…yeah, you can choose to play the game in black & white from the options menu!

So the question is, are you now going to play it in black & white?


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4 thoughts on “L.A. Noire – Playing It In Black & White?

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Wow – in Black and White, it really looks photorealistic. Would love to hear what you guys think of this game. I’m interested, but find the time commitment daunting.

  2. @Peachy and @vinvectrex This game was kind of made for the entire readership of the Retroist. Ha, ha.

    I’ve had so very much fun stepping into the shoes of Cole Phelps…this is a game that will actually allow you to investigate the scene of a crime. I want to avoid spoilers but at the scene of a crime I got curious about an alleyway, I left the poor stiff laying in the street and started looking around the trash bins, etc. Came up with a bloody knife…the case just got a whole lot more interesting.

    If you enjoyed the movie L.A. Confidential you will definitely like this game! :)

  3. I have only ever gotten emotionally invested to characters in a video game 4 times in my entire life

    The main protagonist in – Heavy Rain
    The horse in – Shadow of the Colossus
    The entire cast in -LA Noire
    its just great

    …oh and Gex – that gecko sure liked TV

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