TV Thursday: Dracula The Series (1990)

Lasting a mere single season, Dracula the Series, was perhaps one of the most campy and fun syndicated shows on Saturday afternoon I could watch in my youth. The series dealt with the almost immortal Count Dracula, now going under the name of Alexander Lucard (Geordie Johnson) who happens to be a wealthy tycoon as he finds his plots continuously foiled by Gustav Van Helsing (Bernard Behrens). Gustav didn’t face the Count alone however, he had the aid of his two nephews, Christopher (Joe Roncetti) and Max (Jacob Tierney) Townsend with their friend Sophie Metternich (Mia Kirshner).

Thanks to cultureoutofcontrol for uploading the intro on YouTube!


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5 thoughts on “TV Thursday: Dracula The Series (1990)

  1. Vague memory of this. I don’t think I watched it, however. I was probably still smarting from the cancellation of “Friday the 13th: The Series”.

  2. The Doc says:

    As a fan of all things Universal Monsters, I have to say that I am sorry that I missed this series. While most things, other than the original 1940’s movies are mostly horrible, they are all still enjoyable to me. I had high hopes for the Van Helsing movie that Wolver…..errrr….I mean Hugh Jackman was in, but alas, it too was mostly drivel.

    I truly do not understand why it is so frickin hard to revive these properties. You don’t have to do much with them either, just bring them back almost as they were but find some hokey way to revive them. You don’t have to stick them all in a single movie either.

    Oh well, I’ll keep dreaming and watching my Vault collections until someday when someone brings them back in an appropriate way.

  3. It will happen, Doc, it is just a matter of time. Perhaps if Universal would give Guillermo or Sam Raimi the reigns?

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    VicSage – Those guys would do justice to the classic properties, I’m sure.

    I’m also one who missed this completely.

    I think the first ep is up on YouTube.
    I’ll polish my plastic fangs and gather the packets of ketchup.

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